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Updated: Aug 28

What happens when neighbors (who've been quarantined indoors for months due to COVID-19) decide they've had enough of their new normal behind their community's gates, take a much-needed break for a girls day outing at the beach, during Miami's Spice month? Well, Malibu Farm (where the food is fresh, organic and us locals can meet up), is what happens.

To be quite honest, it's just what the Doctor ordered or just what Mama needed to stay sane with a cocktail in hand, breathtaking ocean views & a tailored made experience that allows you to reminisce on how life was pre-COVID-19. 


Each year Miami's GMCVB (Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau) showcases Miami's finest restaurants in what we natives of the Magic City know as Miami Spice month. This initiative creates a customize menu that caterers to every pallet, while allowing the diner to enjoy the city's rich culture of delectable dishes & exquisite cuisine. 

The weather wasn't pleasant due to the spotty rain, but we didn't care. We were determined and excited to have a change of scenery, for a bit. Our hearts were set on heading southeast and we were glad we chose to follow it, because the rain decided to let up as soon as we got to our destination. We all felt a sigh of relief and I thought I heard the angels singing, as the sun peaked its rays through the clouds. (lol)

Upon our arrival at Malibu Farm, (located in the EDEN ROC hotel) we were greeted by a beautiful ocean view, serene ambiance, a pleasant hostess, Abel the welcoming server and Daniel the attentive manager's hospitality.

Prior to our girl's day outing, we planned to order from the Miami Spice menu and I must say, if this menu was a preview of what the restaurant has to offer, I'm verrrryyyy impressed.

My meal from the dinner menu awakened my taste buds from a quarantine-induced slumber that I didn’t know they were in. You never really know how much you miss going out and being in the mix until you’re stuck in the house for a couple of months. (Shrugs while smh.)

The Rock Shrimp Taco appetizer I ordered (made with corn tortillas, shrimp tempura, avocado cream sauce, pepper jack cheese, red salsa, and arugula) put me in the mind of a local garden, with a refreshing, organic quality in the presentation and setting. They were the perfect starter to my meal.

For my entree, I enjoyed vegan coconut and tofu (which sounds just as amazing as it tasted)

and a well-done tastefully seasoned grilled salmon. I ended it with a delightful ice cream

sandwich dessert topped with salted caramel and garnished with a cut of fresh strawberry,

blueberries, and a single arugula leaf paired with a shot of Bailey's on the rocks.

Yummmmerrrrs is an understatement!

(The ladies both enjoyed the herb-marinated Lamb Chops drizzled with mustard, mint rosemary, demi-glaze, & Israeli couscous as their main entree.)

Although we're not seen masked in the pictures posted here, trust me my dahlin we were;

we wouldn't have left our homes without it. The ladies and myself wouldn't have been allowed to enter into the restaurant, let alone the hotel's lobby where we had to walk through to get to the restaurant, without it. Once we were seated, we were allowed to take our masks off. The seating arrangements & the small number of guests that were there that day allowed us an escape from the reality that we're all experiencing. It allowed us to enjoy our time together as neighbors, in a Mark 12:31 moment.

The restaurant staff abided by the City of Miami Beach's rules & regulations regarding masking and social distancing. I especially love how quickly our server, Abel responded when we asked for plastic utensils.

The entire experience made me feel like I’d escaped to the city of Malibu (well, what I've seen of it on TV) with its scenic views, wood floors, and lantern-lit ceilings. I especially loved having my mint mojito-like cocktail in a glass jar with a paper straw. Oh yes dahlin, I'm a firm believer in doing my part in saving our planet. So I was so for drinking my drinksss through a paper straw knowing it will help save the life of a turtle, fish, and all of the ocean's inhabitants. How much more “California” can you get?


Bright and airy, the South Florida outpost of Helene Henderson’s Californian restaurant is the epitome of laid-back luxury. Directly overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Malibu Farm Miami Beach boasts simple farm-to-table dining that is fresh, organic and locally sourced whenever possible.



4525 Collins Ave,

Miami Beach, FL 33140

(305) 674-5579



Miami Spice Restaurant Months showcase the very best of Greater Miami and the Beaches' diverse cuisine and world-renowned chefs, featuring three-course meals at top eateries for just $25 for lunch/brunch and $39 for dinner.

Enjoy your Miami Spice meals at participating restaurant outdoor dining options or in the comfort of your own home via Spice To-Go.

For additional information on Miami Spice Restaurant Months, including participation details, please email MiamiSpice@gmcvb.com


The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau is the official, accredited destination sales and marketing organization for Miami Dade County.


A global leisure and business destination that delivers culturally rich, diverse, and innovative experiences inspiring boundless passion in visitors and residents alike.


To generate travel demand to Greater Miami and the Beaches to maximize economic impact to our community, ensure industry resiliency, and elevate the resident quality of life.

Mark 12:31

"The second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.”

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